1500kW Coal Mine Gas Gensets

Advanced management module (Automatic synchronization and automatic load distribution)

Online maintenance technology (continuous trouble-free operation time more than 2500 hours)

Digital monitoring technology (full monitoring of engine thermal parameters and unit electrical parameters)

Distributed energy system (electric-thermal system, electric-hot-cold system)

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CNPC Chai Gas (coal mattress methane) electricity technology merchandise had beenfirst used in Jincheng region in 2003. Since 2005, the corporation has expanded r&d funding in coal mine gasoline energy technology products, paid interest to verbal exchange and cooperation with applicable lookup institutes of coal mines, and set upshut ties with China Coal Bed Methane Society, Henan University of Science and Technology, Fushun Coal Branch General Institute and different coal layout institutes. Have lookup and improvement of coal mine gasoline proprietary fashions eight sorts of excessive and low concentrations of strength to cowl 200-1500 kw, adopting superiorgasoline computer manage science in the world, and the skinny combustion theory, in view of the home fuel drainage discharge process, the traits of the risky gasolineconcentration, thru the practical matching of air consumption system, makes the fuelunit to adapt to the overall performance of the greater broad, can burn methane attention from 8% to 60%, in the vary of three to 15 kpa stress of gas, its performance, gas economy, protection and reliability have reached the global superior level.It is allotted in thirteen fundamental coal producing areas, and extra than five hundredunits of gasoline (CBM) tools have been offered in Shanxi market alone.

1500kW Coal Mine Gas Gensets

Engine Series

190 high contration gas engine

Engine Model

L20V190ZLWd-2 mass gas engine

Cylinders & Arrangement

20 cylinders V type

Cylinder bore,mm


Piston Bore,mm


Rated Power,kW




Total Piston Displacement ,L


Heat consumption rate kJ/kW.h


Lub. oil consumption rated g/kW.h


Staring Mode

Air Starting

After-sales service

1. Online engineers to provide pre-sales consultation, according to customer needs to develop product solutions;

2. After signing the contract, the customer can come to the factory to supervise the production;

3. When the product is delivered, the technical engineer goes to the site for installation guidance.

4. 24-hour global technical support to solve customer operation problems in time.

Packaging and delivery

1. Use the international general fumigation-free wooden box standard for packaging, standard size; Can also be packaged according to customer requirements.

2. Select the most suitable means of transport according to the quantity of the goods packing boxes to ensure the safe arrival of the goods to the customer's location.

1500kW Coal Mine Gas Gensets

1500kW Coal Mine Gas Gensets

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