Heavy Promotion! Jichai 1200GF20 Drilling Power Products

2023/11/29 08:21

Recently, the seminar on product market application and overseas drilling power was held, and the new drilling power and new energy products of Jichai 1200GF20 were heavily launched, and the development of overseas drilling power technology was deeply discussed.


In recent years, oil rig products have been updated and developed continuously, which has put forward new requirements for drilling power, especially for new energy. At the same time, there are problems of high cost and long delivery time in the field of overseas rig power. Since 2018, the domestic traditional drilling rig field has launched electric transformation, and the new drilling rig has all realized electric, intelligent and standardized, while the domestic diesel generator set is equipped with more than 90% of the electric drilling rig products. As an important power equipment R & D and manufacturing service enterprise in the domestic oil industry, the company has continuously made efforts in recent years, and has successively launched 1100GF10, 1200GF50 and other large drilling power products, covering nearly 80% of the domestic drilling power demand, which has effectively promoted the rapid development of the domestic electric drilling rig industry.

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