On December 1, the news came from Huilai County, Jieyang, Guangdong Province, that three 6,000 horsepower tugs with Jichai 270 high-power Marine engines as the main power completed more than 80 voyages of oil cargo ship docking and towing operations stably in Guangdong petrochemical, refining and
2023/12/11 14:08
Recently, the seminar on product market application and overseas drilling power was held, and the new drilling power and new energy products of Jichai 1200GF20 were heavily launched, and the development of overseas drilling power technology was deeply discussed.In recent years, oil rig products
2023/11/29 08:21
Nigerian customers have ordered more than 30 600KW generator sets for the first and second phases of the project. The Phase III power station has two 11kV high-voltage generator sets and six 400V low-voltage generator sets. On September 15th, we successfully completed the delivery.
2023/07/25 16:12
In June, 14 units of 1,000 kW natural gas generating units were delivered to Nigeria. Our natural gas engine generators are specially designed for low-pressure natural gas and feature high intelligence, low heat consumption, high reliability, low emissions, long life and high power.Our gas engine
2023/07/25 16:11