Five 2000GF10-T Natural Gas Generator Sets  Delivering
2024/04/23 08:23
The main master in charge of the company visited the customer's site, carefully listening to the customer's requirements for the product, as well as the problems existing in daily operation.The voice of our customers is the voice we most want to hear, which makes our products better and better.
2024/03/04 09:21
The company sent personnel to Russia to discuss cooperation mattersJust after the Spring Festival, at the invitation of the Russian side, the main person in charge of the company led the team to Russia for spring talks, conducted extensive exchanges on the market demand of the Russian side and the
2024/03/01 09:46
The year 2024 has arrivedA new journey of struggle has begunFull of confidenceWith the high morale of "the beginning of the year is the decisive battle"With full confidence, full sincerity,  priceless commitmentFor customersOnward!
2024/01/14 10:42
On the morning of December 28, the startup ceremony of the company's intelligent refueling machine and PACK production line was held, marking the first intelligent refueling machine and PACK production line of petrochina, which was officially put into use in Jichai. The technical indicators of the
2024/01/05 15:26
On December 7, news came from Shaopu Town, Zhijin County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, that the first Jichai 20V190 gas generator set applied to the "Fetian 21 gas power station" in the region, the operation time exceeded 5,000 hours, and the cumulative power generation exceeded 7 million KWH,
2023/12/11 08:24
On November 12, the company's first natural gas differential pressure generator set applied to the "first station of West-East Gas transmission" in Tarim Oilfield completed 72-hour trial operation and was officially put into use."Designed to generate more than 5 million KWH of electricity per year
2023/11/26 07:34
Recently, China Petroleum announced the second batch of petroleum spiritual education base and industrial heritage list, the company Z12V190B high-power diesel engine into the selected group company's second batch of industrial heritage list.Z12V190B high-power diesel engine, is the first high-
2023/11/24 08:47
On November 22, the lunar light snow solar term, in the Weiyuan shale gas operation area site located in Qunjian village, Weiyuan Town, Weiyuan County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, the company's operation and maintenance personnel are inspecting day and night to ensure the steady and orderly
2023/11/24 08:15
With the encouragement and support of the Nigerian federal and state governments, Chinese companies have launched the Nigeria China Commodities Exhibition. Our company actively participates in exhibitions, implements offline product display, on-site professional explanations, and timely online
2023/07/25 16:10
In order to meet the needs of customers, our factory has accelerated the production schedule to ensure the delivery of natural gas engine generators on time. In October 2022, our factory sent 10 sets of 500 kilowatts natural gas engine generators to Qingdao Port for shipment to Nigeria. Up to now,
2023/07/25 16:09
We recently delivered 19 natural gas generators with horizontal radiators to Nigeria. These generators are designed to provide reliable, efficient power generation for a variety of applications including industrial, commercial and residential.Horizontal radiators are designed to provide superior
2023/07/25 16:08