190 "Gold Medal" was selected into the China Petroleum Industry Heritage List

2023/11/24 08:47

Recently, China Petroleum announced the second batch of petroleum spiritual education base and industrial heritage list, the company Z12V190B high-power diesel engine into the selected group company's second batch of industrial heritage list.


Z12V190B high-power diesel engine, is the first high-power diesel engine independently developed by Jichai applied in oil drilling in China, the first to win the national excellent product "gold quality Award" product, filling the domestic gap. The product was produced in the 1980s, and is currently cleaned, sprayed and anti-corrosion treatment, placed in the main visitor channel of the enterprise, showing the history of Jichai and inspiring employees to be enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.

As a Jichai merit-based product, the first Z12V190B diesel engine is a "living textbook" of Jichai's century-old history, which plays a role in motivating employees, inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of Jichai, and fully demonstrates Jichai's deep historical heritage and technical accumulation.

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