1400kW Biogas Generator Set

The generator set adopts advanced control system, closed-loop electronic control technology, air-fuel mixing technology before turbocharging and lean-burn technology, and follows the IS09001 quality system.

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Product Details

Product description

The gas-fired generator uses -L20V190ZLT-1 engine, which is a super-intelligent, low-energy, high-reliability, low-emission, long-life 20V fuel engine designed and manufactured based on a 16V fuel engine. L20V190ZLT-1 electronically controlled external engine with a speed of 1000r/min and a stand-alone power of 2000kW. The instantaneous power can reach 2200kw.

1400kW Biogas Generator Set

The generator set equipment is composed of 20V gas engine, generator, common chassis, super elastic coupling, management cabinet and so on. The unit is fitted with ideal gas inlet, DC starter and electrical controls. The generator is a synchronous AC brushless excitation generator.


Indoor installation, the engine and generator are rigidly installed on the chassis, the chassis is installed on the base through transition pads, the base and the foundation are transitioned with anchor screws, and the engine and generator are connected by superelastic couplings.

Generator alternator: The generator adopts a synchronous alternator commonly produced in China. The generator is of sliding bearing type, equipped with advanced transformers for generator differential safety and self-excited conventional voltage (AVR).

1400kW Biogas Generator Set

Genset model


Alternator model

1FC series,siemens technology.Brushless excitation,Automatic voltage regulation.

Panel model


Rated power


Rated voltage


Rated frequency


Rated power factor


Wiring mood

3 Phase 4 Wire/3 Phase 3 Wire

Stabilized voltage regulation


Transient state voltage regulation


Voltage stabilization time


Fluctuation rate of voltage


Transient state frequency regulation


Frequency stabilized time rate


Fluctuation rate of frequency


Overall dimension


Net weight


Engine model



Four strokes,Vshape,turbocharged intercooling,spark plug ignition.

Number of cyliner






Total displacement


Rated speed


Rated power


Idle speed


Gas pressure


Gas consumption


Oil consumption


Exhaust tem.(before turbine)


Water oulet temperature


Water inlet temperature of intercooler


Oil temperature


Stabilized speed droop


Cooling mood

Open type-cooling tower/closed type-vertical or horizontal radiator

Lubrication method

Pressure and splash lubrication

Starting mood

DC24V Electric Start

Crankshaft rotation

Counter-clockwise(face to flywheel)

After-sales service

1. We have expert engineers for your pre-sales guidance.

2. Cooperate with you for the trial operation of the generator set.

3. Telephone engineers can supply 24 hours of technical support.

Packaging and delivery

Products can be packaged in bulk, container, widespread export packaging or customized packaging. We will pick the most appropriate mode of transportation in accordance to the range of boxes. The items are inspected many instances earlier than cargo to make certain that they are in suitable circumstance and that each and every shipping can fulfill the customer.

Packaging and delivery

Production line

Production line

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