4.5MW Gas Generator Set

32/40G series gas engine is a heavy product of Jicai after decades of accumulation technology, the unit is the largest single power gas generator set in China, the unit has created several domestic first, power density first, efficiency first, power first; At the same time, through the optimization design, the unit power weight of the model is the lightest; Compact structure design, overhaul cycle group, ergonomic maintenance design and so on.

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The precombustion chamber structure design and the optimization of spark plug ignition mode make the unit have stable ignition and combustion performance. At the same time, in order to improve the service life and maintenance cycle of the spark plug, we choose the spark plug with high temperature and wear resistance, and optimize the cooling system of the pre-combustion chamber. The simulation of the main combustion chamber can effectively reduce the possibility of knocking in operation, and optimize the whole work flow of the combustion engine.

4.5MW Gas Generator Set4.5MW Gas Generator Set4.5MW Gas Generator Set


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