Landfill Gas Generator Set

It has the characteristics of high processing and assembly precision, high thermal efficiency, high degree of automation, strong bearing capacity and load impact resistance, strong universality of accessories, and low unit operation and maintenance costs.

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Product description

Landfill gas engine generators are well-established products in our product line. After years of painstaking research, the product incorporates the rich profit-making experience of the 12V190 gas engine, and the automation function of the unit is significantly enhanced. Reliable air-fuel ratio automatic control technology enables the unit to have higher gas applicability, stronger comprehensive performance and economy, and successfully reduces the emission index to the minimum. The main reason is the superior practicability of the management system, which makes the unit start easily , reliable operation, complete protection, and labor-saving maintenance, maintaining the leading position of the product in China.

Landfill Gas Generator Set

Adequate spare parts center

Spark plug, high voltage wire, ignition coil, air filter, rocker arm assembly, throttle valve, bushing, gasket, water pipe, oil seal, gear cover, cylinder liner, cylinder head assembly, cylinder liner seal ring, cylinder Cover gasket, exhaust manifold bracket, supercharger bracket, crankshaft, shock absorber seat, nozzle pressure plate, pressure sleeve, fuel injector protective sleeve, intake and exhaust valves, intake and exhaust valve seats, rocker bridge, Shift forks, oil foam plates, oil elbows, connecting rods, connecting rod caps, pistons, water pumps, intake and exhaust pipes, fuel filters, fuel injection pumps, ST710 starter motors and thousands of spare parts.

Production capacity

Precision Machining of 5C Parts

Global cooperation for special components

precise engine assembly

advanced test line


The main components of the gas engine are 190 engine components of the only gold medal brand in China.

Jichai has the world's advanced high-precision CNC machining equipment and AVL testing equipment to ensure high-precision parts and reliable performance, ensuring product reliability. Equipment ensures high precision and reliable performance of parts and components, ensuring the reliability and durability of gas generator sets. The reliability and durability of the gas generator set are guaranteed.


The alternators are provided by professional suppliers, and the generators produced by Liuzhou Jiali adopt Siemens technology with high reliability and stability.

Control Panel

The control panel is provided by Jichai Xiyue, a subsidiary company of Jichai. Jointly established by Jichai and Siemens, the company specializes in providing high-voltage and low-voltage controls and electrical devices for various engine generators (diesel engines, gas engines) of Jichai. The company specializes in providing high and low voltage control and electrical devices for various engine generators (diesel engines, gas engines) of Jichai.

Sales scope of gas generator set

Biogas generator sets, natural gas generator sets, biogas generator sets, coke oven gas generator sets, coal gasification gas generator sets, biomass gas generator sets, diesel power generation equipment and related spare parts, etc.


Papermaking, alcohol, coal mine, starch, coking, oil field, garbage disposal, soybean, animal husbandry and other industries.

Domestic investment projects

Biogas power generation, natural gas power generation, coke gas power generation, methane gas power generation.

Domestic investment area

Shandong Province (Jinan, Dezhou, Tai'an, Zaozhuang), Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities.

After Sale Service

1.Efficient meticulous technical services.

2.Adequate spare parts.

3.Round-the-clock after sale service.

After Sale Service

Packing and delivery

Wooden case/plywood case

1) Generator sets are packed in plywood boxes;

2) Control panel, battery, cable are packed in plywood box or carton;

3) The exhaust pipe and engine muffler are placed in the container without packing.

We usually use bulk cargo, container, standard export packaging or customized packaging according to your requirements and other transportation methods. We will arrange the most economical and effective shipping method according to the product quantity. All products have been strictly inspected before shipment and are in good condition. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every transaction.

Packing and delivery

Production line

Production line



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