6000 Series Gas Engine

China's gas engine power range is mainly between 200kW-600kW, more than 1000kW gas engine market demand is very large. 6000 series gas engine is a high-power gas engine developed by our company for the market demand of medium and high-power. This series of products has upgraded and optimized the original engine from the aspects of cylinder diameter and stroke, and the optimized gas engine power can reach 1600 kW; The series of products generally adopt the international general air-fuel ratio control technology, and combined with the 6000 series of its own characteristics for optimization.

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The series of products in the engine performance, fuel economy, reliability and safety have been greatly improved, its main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, the series of products can be used with compressor units and gas generator sets, to meet the needs of urban blocks and drilling sites power supply and compressor market.

6000 Series Gas Engine.jpg

6000 Series Gas Engine.jpg

6000 Series Gas Engine.jpg

6000 Series Gas Engine.jpg

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