2MW Marine Engine

The key technical indicators of the 26/32 series heavy oil engine, such as average pressure/fuel consumption rate, power and emission, have reached or exceeded the international advanced level. Due to the combustion of heavy oil, the operation cost of the engine is greatly reduced, and it has the characteristics of high reliability, low emission and high intelligence. It is well received by users of power equipment such as inland waterway shipping, dredging engineering, offshore oil equipment manufacturing, port construction, and large power stations.

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Product Details

The product design is based on a 12V26/32 diesel engine, whose fuel involves diesel, heavy oil and natural gas. It is a high pressure engine with full intellectual property rights jointly developed by Geichai and AVL of Austria. It is a series of engines with 100% intellectual property rights, medium speed supercharged, great success, low fuel consumption, high reliability and long life, jointly developed by Geichai and AVL of Austria. Adopt the world's leading high pressure common rail fuel system, greatly reduce the camshaft size, double electronic control system, high supercharging technology, super supercharging technology, MPC exhaust system. Powerful Miller cycle, two-stage intermediate cooling technology. Self-cleaning filtration technology greatly improves engine performance and emissions.

2MW Marine Engine.jpg

Product Series

260 Marine Engine




Four stroke, supercharged intercooling
, water cooling, high pressure common rail ECU electronic control jet

Cylinders & Arrangement

6 cylinders, in-line

Cylinders bore,mm


Piston stroke,mm


Rated power,kw/hp




Total piston displacement,L


Fuel oil consumption rate,g/kW.h


Lub. oil consumption rate,kW.h


Dimension mm


Weight kg


2MW Marine Engine.jpg

2MW Marine Engine.jpg

2MW Marine Engine.jpg

2MW Marine Engine.jpg

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