Intelligent Refueling Machine

1. New appearance: the dimensions of the product meet the requirements of the filling equipment at the same time, introducing a new design concept, scientific optimization of appearance and structure, visual fluency, fine workmanship, optimization and upgrading of the functional area of the product, the functional area is more specific, the operation is more convenient, and the promotion advantage is more obvious.

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 Performance improvement: It can realize self-refueling, face recognition, two-dimensional code scanning, visual voice intercom, automatic sales and automatic payment and other related functions; 32-bit industrial-grade computer chip, durable, efficient and safe; Advanced flowmeter, accurate, stable and durable; Suitable for all kinds of temperature, humidity, altitude.

Safety and environmental standards: The whole machine meets the requirements of the corresponding national standards. With anti-cheating, anti-cheating function. The oil and gas recovery device complies with the relevant provisions of CB20952 "Air Pollution Emission Standard for Gas Stations".

Intelligent Refueling Machine.jpg

Dimensions :1760*700*2580

Flow range :(5-50) l/ min

Inlet pipe diameter :38 mm

Ambient temperature :(-20 ~+55) ℃

Power supply voltage: AC380 VA C22oV(-1596,+10%),50Hz

Explosion-proof mark: DX di bmbIIA173Cb

Display :32 inches

Intelligent Refueling Machine.jpg

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