High Pressure Gas Compressor

1、The engine is designed and manufactured in accordance with DEMA standards,and the compressor is designed and manufactured in accordance with API618 and ISO13631..

2、With natural gas as fuel,nonpressurized,skid-mounted as a whole,heavy duty with low speed,applicable to severe environment,and can realizing unattended operation on the site;

3、Good fuel adaptability;the engine can normally operate with a low heating value within 16510kJ/Nm³~47700 kJ /Nm³;no detonation or power drop;

4、The rotating speed and torque are wide enough to operate under 60~100%of rated conditions,which benefits the adjustment of minimum displacement capacity that can be as low as 36%of design displacement;

5、Multiple adjusting modes of rotating speed,clearance

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Engine and compressor share one frame and one crankshaft,subject to symmetrically balanced arrangement,so that inertia force and inertia moment can be well balanced and vibration is small;

Internal mixing gas injection and loop scavenging can effectively cool and clean cylinders,thereby ensuring that fuel can be controlled and saved;

lsolated room of compressed air between compressor frame and engine piston can effectively prevent combustion exhaust from releasing to oil sump,prevent pollutions by lubricating oil and extend the service life;

Power cylinder has a simple structure,without such wearing parts as rocker arm,tappet rod,cam,timing mechanism etc.,and with less quick-wear parts and maintenance works;

The special sulfur resistant design and manufacturing technology can make the compressor operate safely and reliably in a gas field with a high sulfur content;

Local,remote and network data acquisition and monitoring system etc.has a high level of automation and completion,and can operate reliably.

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High Pressure Gas Compressor.jpg

High Pressure Gas Compressor.jpg

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