4MW High Power Generator Set

Series 26/32 of the natural gas engine is developed by Jichai to meet the demand of national energy conservation and emission reduction projects, such as long-distance pipeline compressor driving power, offshore drilling platform power, large gas-fired power station, and distributed energy. It has independent intellectual property rights, high pressure, high power, high efficiency, low emissions, green, environmental protection, etc. The engine's gas consumption rate is 8500kJ/kW·h, and its thermal efficiency is higher than 44%. Its power performance, economy, and reliability have reached the international advanced level.

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Precise control (INTERNATIONAL: 2.1-2.3, Aid: 2.05) to achieve rarefied combustion;

High efficiency (international: 42-45%; current test thermal efficiency: 44%), safety (explosion-proof devices, double-wall gas pipe and oil mist detector are installed in each system);

High pressure, strong MILLER and low emissions;

Detonation control technology and detonation pressure monitoring (or cylinder combustion temperature);

Port Injection engine management system;

Optimization control of air intake and air intake time between the main combustion chamber and the pre-combustion chamber;

Load balance (correct in line according to the rear temperature control system) 

High pressurization, two stages intermediate cooling

Self-cleaning filtration technology

The filter element adopts metal filter element, and can realize automatic cleaning, without replacing the filter element.Not only can ensure the engine oil filtration requirements, but also can extend the service life, reduce the use cost and maintenance labor intensity.

4MW High Power Generator Set




16 cylinders,V type

Cylinders Bore,mm


Piston Stroke,mm


Rated Power,kW




Total Piston Displacement,L


Heat Consumption RatekJ/kW.h


Lub. oil consumption g/kW.h


After-sales service

1. We have professional engineers to answer your questions during pre-sales consultation.

2. There are engineers in the sale for you to debug and train the generator set.

3. We have telephone engineers who can provide technical support 24 hours a day worldwide.

Packaging and delivery

Products are packaged in bulk, container, standard export packaging or custom packaging. Then select the appropriate means of transport according to the number of boxes. The goods are inspected many times before shipment to ensure that the products are in good condition and that every delivery we make is to the satisfaction of our customers.

4MW High Power Generator Set

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