5MW High Power Gas Generator Set

32/40G series gas machine has the characteristics of high power density, high efficiency, light weight, compact structure, long overhaul cycle and humanized maintenance design. The precombustion chamber structure and spark plug ignition method have stable ignition and combustion performance. In order to improve the life and maintenance cycle of the spark plug, the spark plug resistant to high temperature and wear is selected, and the cooling system of the pre-combustion chamber is optimized. The main combustion chamber is simulated to reduce the possibility of detonation effectively and optimize the working process.

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Product Details

Precision engine management system;

Fine control of main combustion chamber and pre-combustion chamber;

Load balancing control

Leading thermal efficiency (international :42-45%; Current test thermal efficiency :44%);

System safety (installation of explosion-proof device, double-wall gas pipe and oil mist detector);

Thin combustion in the cylinder;

Ultra-low emission;

Self-cleaning filtration technology

The oil filter can be automatically cleaned without replacing the filter. It can meet the filtration requirements of engine oil, but also extend its service life, reduce costs and maintenance frequency.

5MW High Power Gas Generator Set

Rated speed(r/min )


Rated power(kW)




 Number of cyliner and Aarrangement


Total displacement(L)


Piston speed(m/s )


Compression ratio


Mean effective pressure(MPa)


Overall dimension(mm)

6610 x 3402 x 4212

Starting motor power (starting air pressure)

15 ~ 30bar

Heat rate(kJ/kWh)


Specific oil consumption(g/kWh)


Rated voltage(kV)


Rated Frequency(Hz)


Thermal efficiency


Overall dimension(generator set)(mm)

10254 x 3402 x 4950

After-sales service

1. We have professional engineers for your pre-sales guidance.

2. Cooperate with you for the trial operation of the generator set.

3. Telephone engineers can provide 24 hours of technical support.

Packaging and delivery

Products can be packaged in bulk, container, standard export packaging or custom packaging. We will choose the most suitable mode of transportation according to the number of boxes. The goods are inspected many times before shipment to ensure that they are in good condition and that every delivery can satisfy the customer.

5MW High Power Gas Generator Set

Sale Service

1. Pre Sales: Solution Delivery

2. On sale: provision of technical services

3. Provision of after-sales full lifecycle technical services

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